Hello, I'm Ash Amrhein and I have recently graduated from the Living Arts College with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design. I'm originally from Upstate New York where I attened Mohawk Valley Community College earning an Associates Degree in Digital Animation before I moved to continue my education and follow my dream to become a character animator.

Growing up one of my favorite pastimes were video games. Being able to play as these amazing characters, traveling to new and wonderful worlds, doing amazing things with just the spin of a disk or slide of a cartridge always fascinated me. I loved everything about them, it was ‘living’ art, a movie where you actually played as the main character. Before I wanted to become a Animator, I dreamed of being a zookeeper. I had an obsession with Animal Planet and learned as much as I could about wildlife. I've always enjoyed leanrning and taking time to study, whether it was about a new species of animal or how that scene wasanimated, taking the time to learn more is always important.

I’ve always loved art, and I think my understanding of basic anatomy and behavior is very beneficial when it comes to animating and modeling. Most games and movies I’ve played and watched, especially in my childhood, have greatly inspired me and i would love to be a part of a project like that. Bringing stories and characters to life, hopefully entertaining others and maybe even inspiring them as I have been inspired.